Meet the Girls 2.3

This update is primarily to add the new character, Star, but I've also included some extra art I've done and some bug fixes as well. 

I've been debating taking on the task of building a website for my work for sometime (where I could host a blog as well as a booru-like repository of my art) and if I do that, I think I'll try and incorporate Meet the Girls into it somehow. This simple project has proven to be very useful over the years, so a web-based version where you can view ALL pictures of any given girl would be awesome. No promises that this will come to fruition, but if any of you know a thing or two about relevant web development (mainly self-hosting a blog and setting up a tagged gallery), reach out to me over the Discord server and shoot me some advice!


  • Added Star
  • Ally: Added 2 pictures to gallery
  • Katie: Added 3 pictures to gallery
  • Sophie: Added 1 picture to gallery
  • Changed default column count to 8
  • Fixed columns being reset when set to 1
  • Fixed crashes when sorting by canon

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Jul 22, 2022

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