Meet the Girls 2.0

I've ported Meet the Girls from Unity over to Godot, recreating it from the ground up.

This is partially an effort to learn Godot as well as an effort to make it simpler to add new characters to the database whenever I decide I'm ready to add them. If you check it out, you should notice that two new girls are included in the roster! I've had Lisa and Aurelia for a good while now and finally felt like it was time to add them both in. 

I still have other characters to add, like my elf girl, Faelynn, so this update should make adding those future characters much much easier. The way I have things set up is literally drag and drop now.

A couple things have also been changed:

  • Godot doesn't have an ugly splash screen like Unity did, so it should load much faster.
  • I've made the "girls" menu the main menu since the original main menu had no reason to exist.
  • I've moved the volume slider to the "girls" menu since it was on the main menu originally.
  • I've removed all the button noises. They're a nuisance.

There seems to be an issue with the audio due to the way Godot handles loading scenes. The audio should smoothly continue through each menu, but you may find it stutters when loading larger menus like the galleries or main menus. I'm still looking for a fix for this since it's irritating, but it'll have to be a future update for now. In the meantime, just mute the audio if you don't like the stutter.

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Jul 02, 2020

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