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So, the last update simply did not work on most browsers. 

The reason for this is that browser security prevents threads from being used unless specific site-level security is set. This means that itch would need to update their servers to allow the game to run properly. For now, I've switched the game back to supporting most browsers. It should still run smoother than it did before (without that nasty stutter) but expect some audio quirks. 

If you'd prefer to use the threaded version of the game, that is currently still up on Newgrounds here.

Since I expect audio to continue to be an issue, I've uploaded a PC executable of the game that should run just fine. There are still a couple quirks to this version, but it plays how I designed the project so it should run fine.


MeetTheGirls2.1.zip Play in browser
Aug 13, 2021
Meet the Girls - PC 83 MB
Aug 13, 2021

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