Meet the Girls 2.1

Ever since I moved Meet the Girls over to Godot, it's had nasty audio clicking and stutter. This update is mainly to get rid of that issue, but I've also added a few new characters and optimized a few files here and there. This should hopefully make this project work better as a quick reference! 

If you have any issues or suggestions for the current version, feel free to post them down below.


  • Fixed stutter when loading the main menu

I completely rewrote the code to ensure that the next screen is only loaded once it's been selected. Previously, this menu would preload every single submenu, causing a massive stutter. 

  • Reduced stutter when loading galleries

Some character's galleries may still hitch for a moment, but I've built a system to hopefully smooth out loading by having each image load one at a time instead of all at once. I also lowered the source resolution of some images.

  • Additional stutter fixes

I've enabled threading, which should smooth out the last of the stuttering. While this won't work on every browser, most of the clicks and pops in the music should be completely gone in the browsers that do support it.

  • Added newcomers: Lorelei, Ally, and Alma
  • Updated some older characters with new info.

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Jul 29, 2021

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