Meet the Girls 2.2

Kinda surprised that I haven't updated this project since July of last year, but I've put together a pretty major overhaul - probably about as big as when I first moved the project from Unity to Godot (no regrets) . 

One of the main issues with older versions of Meet the Girls was how complicated it was to add a new character. I still have some additional work that needs to be done to make things that little bit simpler, but I no longer need to create each girl's menus by hand. This meant going in and reworking how data is being loaded for each screen, which was a pretty major overhaul, but much of that code needed optimization in the first place and I can now make adjustments to the template and have them be applied to all the girl's screens. 

A new feature for this version is the sorting system. The icons on the main menu can now be shuffled around depending on certain variables including things like age and who shares what canon. I may adjust this in the future or add more options to it, but it should be helpful for people who use this project as a quick reference. 

Additionally, I've added in three new characters, who were overdue for this update, Bingbing, who's part of a retro Phantasy Star inspired RPG concept I've been working on that I've been calling "Stellar Fantasy" (gotta make my catgirl game first) and two characters who go to school with Lisa: Katie and Sophie.

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the new update! I honestly expect future updates to be smaller, but I may add additional features as I continue developing my Godot knowledge. 
If you have any issues or suggestions for the current version, feel free to post them down below.


  • Reworked the main "Meet the Girls!" menu to automatically organize portraits using a scrolling grid.
  • Added sorting options to the main menu: By Name, Age, Birthday, Date Created, and Canon
  • Completely reworked how data loading works when selecting a girl to make adding future characters much much easier.
  • Optimized character images for updated data system.
  • Replaced remaining VisualScript code with more optimized GDScript.
  • Volume slider value now carries over after returning to the main menu.
  • Updated character image for Pendant & Fade
  • Added Bingbing
  • Added Katie
  • Added Sophie

Known issues:

  • Audio may stutter when clicking on characters as it's loading all the required data. I may make a system to lessen this in the future, but this is an ongoing issue by now.

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