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A Night With A Bat Girl

One night, a bat girl shows up at your window. You decide what happens next. · By furrgroup


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Spanish Translation
This is a bit of a smaller update, but I've added executables of the A Night With a Bat Girl free version so that you can now play the censored game on android...
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Final Beta
And the game is done! The final game contains 55 images(with most having multiple variants), 9 songs, and 17 replayable scenes (some of which contain multiple s...
4 files
Beta 0.5
Another route done. One more main route to go! There are now 40 images, 9 songs, and 13 replayable scenes unlockable in the gallery. Message me if you run into...
3 files
Beta 0.4
The holidays kept me from working on the game for a bit, but an entire new route is now done! That leaves just a couple more routes to finish up. There are now...
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Beta 0.3
Another update! This one was a little late, but it's packed full of new art. The entire "anything?" sequence has been fully fleshed out, so enjoy! The only thin...
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Beta 0.2
The second Patreon build of A Night With A Bat Girl is available for testing! This is the first explicit update as well, adding in the first adult scenarios. Th...
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What did you think of your time with the game? I'm always open to criticism, so let me know your thoughts! You can also...
started by furrgroup Apr 24, 2020
6 replies
Need helping searching for that last route you may be missing? This is the thread to ask for help since some of those ro...
started by furrgroup Apr 24, 2020
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I'm not perfect, so if you find any glitches or grammatical catastrophes, you can post them here and I'll include a fix...
started by furrgroup Apr 24, 2020
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