Final Beta

And the game is done!

The final game contains 55 images(with most having multiple variants), 9 songs, and 17 replayable scenes (some of which contain multiple scenes).

This is also the first update with a completion percentage, which should tell you how much you have left to collect in the game in the gallery and at the end of each route. Unfortunately, the completion percentage does not work with old save data, so I recommend deleting your renpy save data in AppData/Roaming/RenPy/ANightWithaBatGirl before starting the game.

If you start the game, you'll need to clear both the file in appdata and the save folder in the game's folder.

I also made a version for Android phones.

Anyhow, this is the final beta! I'm going to give Patrons a few days to run through everything and if everything looks good, I'll push the final version out for a public release! Thanks for supporting me while I work on this game, everyone.

Message me if you run into any bugs or grammars issues!

Minor update: Nude Mode is no longer required to 100% the game.

Files 142 MB
Apr 17, 2020 159 MB
Apr 17, 2020 Play in browser
Apr 17, 2020
a.night.with.a.bat.girl1.0.apk 161 MB
Apr 17, 2020

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