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In Date a Mink, you date a mink!

Date a Mink is a simple adult visual novel centered around a romance between the player character and Eris, the mink!

The game is free, but if you want, you can purchase the art pack and soundtrack to go along with it!*

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*The soundtrack comes as both flac and mp3.

Version 1.1  - Added Gallery (CG Gallery, Music Room, and Scene Viewer). Contents are unlocked as you play through the story. Grammar fixes.

Version 1.2 - Minor art and grammar fixes.


Get this game and 10 more for $13.00 USD
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its a amazing game yet 1  thing is bothering me how do i get the true ending ???

To reach the true end, you have to select "I love you, Eris." during the balcony scene. Thanks for playing by the way!

also see where this goes is very good too.


This VN was an absolute treat to not only play, but dare I say, experienece. The scenery is the perfect mix of simple and stylish, and the music that accompanies each scene has a very perfect fit, despite the events that transpire (the theme of the balcony during the beggining of the scene and true ending scene, which have two differring tones for example). The characters (yes, i'm counting the player's sillouhette) are very nicely drawn, and very cute to see. 

Another thing to note is the errotic portions. Obviously they were very nicely drawn, and seemed to have considerable time put into them (not to mention that they come w/ their own soundtrack to boot). I very much appreciate that these scenes are not depicted as "the ultimate sexual fantasy that no man could live without", in fact they have a rather passionate and semi-casual feel which is rather a welcoming take on the modern Errotic VN landscape.

The characters in this VN are very grounded, and seem to communicate like real people would, rather than genric Errotic VN characters which is also a step up, because it's not too often that creators create memorable and understandable characters. In fact you are among three Visual Novelists that I have found that make decent characters that feel as real as you and I. This VN is a gem and I'm so glad it found it's way to my search list!

A genuinely amazing experience, 10/10 I hope to see more of your work in the future!!!


P.S. Despite what some may say, I foun the endings to be perfect and honestly realistic. Not everyone has a happy ending, even in fictional scenarios, and I'm glad you were brave enough to portray that to an audience.


bro true ending made me actually cry i felt the character die and thats how you know a game is good even if i didnt like the i loved the game keep up the good work


This game is great, true end kinda ruined it for me. Switch the best end and true end with each other and it would have been a perfect sweet game. Hope they meet again and end up together again if there was another game for it.


I like the endings, I hate you for writing them.


why you end the story like that tho

How many endings are there, if you don't mind me asking, so far I got True end, Best end, Ghost end, and Dump end. Is there any other endings?

Those are all of the endings! Thanks for playing!

Thank you for creating the VN, it was a cute VN ^^

Quick Question.

What is the different between this and the Nutaku Version?

Thank you.

They're both the same game, but the Nutaku version comes bundled with the art pack and soundtrack. You can also get the art pack and soundtrack here for the same price, but the main game is free.


I would absolutely recommend this short game for those who desires to endorse in a short sweet story. Whether you'd like to play the game for the CG's, drawn in such a recognizable and unique style or play for the story, because yes, even in a game that max lasts an hour is able to drag you in to feeling almost bad for our female lead and grip you into her story. At least, it did for me.

I enjoyed the game, yes the CG's were nice and to many people, it's exactly what they came for, but I in all honesty loved the little story. I would without doubt recommend the creator's previous and future works, as they would be undoubtedly just as or even better than this short game!

Luv, Chi!

Will there ever be a Windows release?


I've updated the page. The windows version should be easier to find. The mac port is newer.

There's a certain file that can't be executed, but I don't know what to do with it! When attempting to run the game, it opens a warning saying it can't execute open of the files. I believe it's the .py file, what should I do? I really want to play the game!

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You're running DateaMink.exe, not DateaMink.py, right? Are you getting any error messages you could send?

Also, make sure you've extracted the .zip file. You can't run the game from inside the .zip.

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So this is what comes up when I run the program. Could it be that I'm running the incorrect file? I'm a windows user by the way ^^'

 Try to move your game to C:\Games\ and try from there. You could also try running the game through the itch.io app.

Also, make sure that the game is not being blocked by your antivirus. 

Let me know if you get things fixed. I'll help any way I can.

Thank you so much, Furr! It worked perfectly! I do wonder why it had to be that specific, but oh well! Thank you for your hard work!!

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Gets Best Ending first ''woo i did it, hell yeah.''
Gets True Ending next ''fuck.''

But honestly this was a fun little game. I liked it.