Beta 0.5

This beta brings a large number of fixes as well as the sex system to The Blind Date Game! 

I plan to add a in-game tutorial for the sex system in Beta 0.6, but for now, here's a simple explanation of the controls:

Sex system guide:

  • Complete 3 dates to start the sex scene. 
    • In a later update, there will be a gallery for unlocked positions. For now, if you want to skip the wait, I've made a mod for this which is available on the Discord server in #modding.
  • Choose one of the 2 positions you're presented with. 
    • There are currently only 3: Cowgirl, Doggy style, and Missionary. I plan to add more later.
  • Simply hold and release repeatedly to get the girl moving. 
    • By default: Left click on mouse, space on keyboard, and bottom button on controller.
    • The sex scene can be played with either a controller, keyboard, or mouse, but was designed for one-handed play using a mouse.
  • When she's at a comfortable speed, you can press middle mouse/mouse wheel (or up on keyboard/controller) to lock in the speed.
  • Opening the menu (right click or cancel) also locks the speed and opens a radial menu with various options. 
    • "Look At" controls what the auto camera can pan to.
    • "Kiss" lets you kiss the girl. Some girls like this more than others.
    • "X-ray" controls the internal cutout. It's set to "Creampie Only" by default, but can also be set to always on or disabled entirely.
    • "Cum" lets you choose where to release.
    • "Comment" and "Question" allow you to speak with the girl. Each girl has a set of preferences for sex scenes, so be sure to communicate with her to please her needs!
  • After you climax, you'll be presented with a good or bad afterglow depending on if the girl was satisfied or not. You'll then be brought back to the character creator, to modify or save your date.

You can read more about this update here:

This update is also the first to support Linux and Mac, so let me know if any of you run into any issues there. It should also fix mods being unloaded any time you leave the character creator. In Beta 0.4, they will still be unloaded unless the mod reparents itself, in which case the game will not be able to unload it. 

My current development focus is to essentially add in the remaining missing features that will be needed for 1.0. There's still one more version before that, I expect, but the 1.0 update will most likely just be about stuffing the game full with content.

As always, If you have any feedback for the current beta or upcoming projects, feel free to reach out to me here or in the Discord server. Critique helps a lot! Feel free to ask around the Discord for modding help as well. I'll try and help where I can.

Also: Until June 21st, this game will be in a bundle with a bunch of other adult games!
Check that out here:


Paid Version - Beta 0.5 - Linux
Jun 03, 2022
Paid Version - Beta 0.5 - Mac 53 MB
Jun 03, 2022
Paid Version - Beta 0.5 - Windows 40 MB
Jun 03, 2022

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