Beta 0.2

This is the first Lust Potions release to add new succubi. This update also fixes a ton of issues from the first build while adding a ton of new quality of life changes and support for android devices. I've ported over most of the new changes to the existing free demo but the new succubi and items will only be available in the new paid full version of the game. 

I'll be adding a guide for the game to help people who are getting stuck fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that. It'll have a list of all of the recipes as well as a more traditional step by step guide for specific succubi. While I feel the fun of the game is in solving the hints, getting stuck can be a pain when you just want to solve something and move on. 

If you're ever stuck and need help, reach out on the official Discord in #spoilers!

As always, you can keep up with development and get early access to future builds through Patreon  Have fun with the new succubi!

Major updates:

  • Two new succubi, Unda and Ignis! (Full Version only)
  • 11 new items. (Full Version only)
  • Android version - you can now play the game on android devices. 
On-screen controls have been added to the main potion room exclusively on Android.


  • New hints have been added and several have been rewritten to be less difficult.
  • The hints window now has a "New Hint" button that allows players to shuffle through their current list of hints without any repeats.
  • Upon running out of hints to cycle through, the hints window now displays red help text. 
  • Removed the "Thanks for playing the demo!" hint to avoid confusion.
  • Added support for silhouetted images in hints through bbcode.
  • Added hint images to display silhouettes of the item each hint refers to along with the hint. If you'd prefer, you can disable these images or make them un-silhouetted in the settings menu.
  • Succubi now cycle through hints instead of delivering random hints. This should avoid repeats. 
  • Succubi now update hints and the recipe book as soon as they are summoned. You still need to seduce them to unlock their scene viewer page. 


  • The bucket now ejects the player to a set location to avoid softlocks.
  • Fixed a softlock with the bucket when running at low FPS that caused the player to ride the bucket infinitely.
  • Fixed a crash when picking up an item at the same moment the bucket ejects an item.
  • The bucket can now store/eject more than one item at the same time.
  • Items in the bucket now have their collision disabled.


  • You can now pick up more than one item from the table at a time. This is currently limited to 20 items.
  • Items now despawn after a set time if stuck falling forever.
  • Fixed items getting stuck on the wall. As a result, items may slide a bit more than before.
  • Items in the summoning circle now have their collision disabled.
  • Fixed a rare crash where unloaded ingredients could still be interacted with.
  • Items in the summoning circle are now saved.

In-Game PC/UI:

  • Added a "Return to Main Menu" option to the in-game PC.
  • Added a text size slider to the main computer screen. This was primarily added for android users, but all users can benefit from it.
Text size is automatically adjusted by default. You can turn this off in the settings.
As a result of this slider, several UI elements have been adjusted to allow them to look better at different text sizes.
  • On the storage menu, "Potion" is now abbreviated.
  • When opening an image using "Scene Image" in the Image Viewer, additional windows are now offset.
  • Image Viewer now only lets you open 20 images at a time.
  • In the Image Viewer, the "Listen to Music" button now resets text when a different "Listen to Music" button is pressed. 

Sex system: 

  • Succubi now have a small intro dialogue at the beginning of their sex scene.
  • After earning each star during a sex scene, the rhythm game will pause temporarily as each succubus now has small pieces of dialogue to help the sex scene's pacing.
  • The rhythm game now has a safety window when being resumed which should prevent false "wiff" signals causing an instant fail.
  • In the event that a new note is queued before the regular "wiff" timing, you will now "wiff".


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to softlock when brewing too fast.
  • Fixed an issue that caused keybinds to not save. 
  • Lil' Dude is now warped to spawn if he gets too adventurous and falls into the void.
  • Text over Lil' Dude's head no longer clips into the wall. 
  • Changed logo on the main menu to match the logo being used in marketing.
  • Made a custom splash screen.
  • You do not need to click on the textbox anymore to continue dialogue. Anywhere on the screen works.

Known issues: 

  • Please reach out to me if you run into any bugs! 


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