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It's amazing how much Katie looks like me. Seriously, she looks like my prettier twin! :D

If 2.3 is ever released, here are a few bugs. 

Setting the number of columns to one, clicking on a girl then clicking back makes the select screen have seven columns instead of one. Number in the column box remains '1'. Problem persists when switching sort method, but disappears when changing number of columns to two.

Sorting by canon, clicking on a girl, then clicking back makes the game crash to desktop.

Other than that, very cute, very nice 10/10 just enough water. 

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Oh, thank you! I'll be sure to work on fixes for these issues for the next update (probably whenever I add the next girl(s)) .

Edit: These have been fixed! 

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I got a infinite loading screen perso

Hello! This should be fixed now. 
Let me know if you run into any more issues.

personal favorites are rei fade and lisa

I love the art and I’m excited to see new characters. Do you think Rain will be expanded upon?



Ideally, I'll find time to expand upon all of these characters.

me too

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Adorable art style, and nice music as usual !


Cute! I really love the art style. <3