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Hi! I'm interested in your games, but i would like to buy them on Steam: there are possibilities to see them on that platform?


I keep intending to put them up there, but it's not quite as simple as uploading to itch. Keep an ear out for the time being!

Yeah, i heard some rumors about Steam's problems... anyway, i'll wait for you! :)

Quick question, if we previously bought the full game for five dollars, should the art pack and soundtrack be available for download?


I do not believe that's system will give you the addons unless you paid for them with your initial purchase, unfortunately. You should be able to check your download page to be sure, of course.

I see. No, I don't see the option to download the addons. I was interested in the winter sale, but I don't recall the bundle specifying if it comes with the addons, given that three of the VNs specify buying at full price of $5 to get the addons.


The current 50% off bundle does not come with the addons, but you can still buy the games individually and pay a little extra on each to get them. Sorry about the confusion, it's one of those things that I don't have control over.


I liked this one even better than Date A Mink: it's linear, but the characters and setup are interesting, and the way you encounter different ghosts and the people associated with them leads to a bunch of creative situations.

Highly recommended, very well worth the money.