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Hi! Haven't finished the game at the time of writing, but I have found something interesting. Every now and again an error appears at the top of the screen, informing me that 'the user has denied entry to the Database'. Not sure what it means, maybe it's something on my side but I thought you'd want to know.

Looking forward to further development!

That shouldn't happen. If you see it again, could you send me a screenshot? 

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Here it is, I included the choice selection screen just incase that helps you figure out what's causing it:

This isn't the first time this error appeared during this game, I wasn't quick enough to capture it though. Also the errors seem to appear more whenever choices come up, but they also do appear throughout gameplay, I'll try get more screenshots.

It may be worth saying that I am playing on an incognito browser, so that could possibly be interfering with the game? If you want me to I can try to test what happens if I play on a normal browser?

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I was able to replicate the error by opening the game up in an incognito browser. I believe it occurs whenever the game tries to save (it autosaves at choices) using cookies.

The issue should disappear when running in a normal browser.

Ah, ok. Sorry if I caused any panic.

Girl this demo is just wild , i mean boy Lillie is just so wild that i think she is interesting a bit , but about Eris cousin, what happened to Eris? And when the boyfriend drama happened? Is it after or before?

Will there be a scene with the Player and Ally, or an Ally based game in the future. She is adorable, and deserves all the love 🥺


You'll be able to romance Ally in the final game.

The writing style is intimate and well-written, although I wish there is a toggle-able option to switch words such as paw to hand, fur to skin etc. just like how the pronouns can be changed. You know, everyone's got their cup of tea.


I was hoping to play but cant bc I am on tablet and the name thing is for computer pretty didpointed 


If you're on Android, there's a downloadable version of the demo that should allow you to input your name!

I came along after meeting Eris, and now I'm already hooked on a new story, having barely learned anything about it. I'm looking forward to this one when it comes out!

i love Eris , and Ally seem to be like her 

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This was pretty great for a demo, the descriptions were very detailed and enough to keep me going. I also can't wait to get to know more about Ally she seems like a really nice character

I've been seeing a lot of this demo pop up as I search for a VN to check out...And I must say.. I wasn't disappointed when I checked this out...I liked the design and look of this so far...Here is to hoping for a release or an update!!!!! (100/10 stars)

I loved your demo and the game has great potential. I am Brazilian and I would like to know if it would be possible for you to translate the game into Brazilian Portuguese, I can help.

I'd be happy to support a Brazilian fan translation! 

If you'd like, I can send the files needed for translation. Just pop into my fan Discord and reach out to me.

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I got recommended quite a lot of this game through my email by itch and got curious to see what it was about, and I must say, it's pretty good.

The art alone made me play the game and it didn't disappoint me, the history is quite confusing, with a lot of "holes" in it, even if the game is a demo, I think it should have explained a little more about who I am and etc, but that can be forgiven, summing up, the game is very good, looking forward for the full game, and I did see that you made other games, I will be also trying to check some of them ;)


Don't worry, much of that confusion will be cleared up with the final release. ^^
Thanks for checking out my game! 

is the game going to be updated on this page? either way i love your art! i'm excited to see where this goes!


Yep, when the final game is done, it'll be released here!


Looking forward for this coming out ^^ Loved your "A Night With A Batgirl" game

Also,  Happy New Year!