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Hope this becomes another great visual novel when its truly released made and or finished. Also maybe a callback to this character Rain would be appreciated. Thanks for the demo and this good story.


I can't wait to see what this turns into. I liked this a lot.

so cute. Not ally, but still a cute cat

when? when finished??

I wasn't able to get a team together for Catgirl Care, but I haven't given up on the concept. 

My current project, The Blind Date Game, is partially an attempt to learn how to develop 3D games so that Catgirl Care can be a lot more than this cute visual novel demo. I may also make a tiny catgirl game along the way while I iron out the concept.

I love the 2d art 😍


im not a furry

I am

you know you dont have to be a furry to like this or her

too cute!

Verry Good Demo Can't Wait for the Full Release

Hmm... I'm really interested...

You know what? I'll go ahead and download the demo.

In my opinion, you should keep this game in 2D and visual novel and at this engine. It's very good so far. And I'd like to see expanded, longest story :) 

We'll see how production goes with the 3D version first.
I still plan to make more visual novels in the future!

Will it be available on Windows once it is done?

Definitely! This version should work on windows as well.